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Advocacy Action Center

Tell Congress to Address Black Women's Maternal Mortality
This week we are asking you to call your representatives to educate them about Black women's maternal mortality.
Tell Congress to Protect Social Safety Net Programs
This week we will be calling representatives to protect social safety net programs.
Tell Congress: Take Legislative Action To Address Gun Violence
In the wake of the most recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida, this week we will be asking you to call your representatives to take legislative action to address the growing incidents of gun violence and mass shootings.
Tell Congress: Honor Int'l Women's Day by Protecting Women's Health Care
Each year on March 8th, we celebrate women around the world for International Women's Day. As Congress begins to develop their budget proposals for the next fiscal year, we're asking you to call your representatives and ask them to protect repro health.
Tell Senators That HHS Should Put Patients First
The Trump administration has proposed new rules for HHS that would encourage hospitals, doctors, nurses, and other individuals and institutions to deny a patient standard medical care based on their personal beliefs


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